Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Riggs Goes to GEORGIA

When my mom came up to visit she took Riggs home and he spent TEN DAYS between GiGi and Papa's and Sue Sue and Granstan's house!  My brother and his new fiance came to visit and Riggs flew back with them.  They said he did great in the airport and on the plane both ways, despite late nights and early mornings!

 Andrew and I definitely  missed him ALOT, but we are really thankful he was able to go home and spend one on one time with them!

I got my mom and mother-in-law to send me all the pictures they took while he was there because I wanted to document his first long trip away from mama and daddy so he could look back on it one day.

To say he was spoiled is an understatement!  He stayed up way too late every night, had way too much juice, icecream and McDonald's and he LOVED every minute of it:).

He played at the playground
He went on adventures outside and had fun with Sue Sue and Granstan.
He went to build a bear and came home with Mo, the monkey.
 He had a playdate with Chandler complete with fishing and PB&J's.
He went to see Memaw and Pawpaw and visit his Great Great Aunt Jane.
He swam like a little fish.

He split the time at each house and he did great!  I am so thankful for such a laid back, flexible little boy.  We talked to him everyday and thankfully and sadly he didn't miss us one bit!  There are many other things he did in those ten days I'm sure, but these are some of the highlights!  

Thank you GiGi and Papa and Sue Sue and Granstan for getting him there and loving on our sweet boy.

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