Sunday, July 28, 2013

31 Things

I thought I would write 31 things that I love about my husband as we celebrate another year of his life!
  1. He loves me:)
  2. He loves our children with all that he is.
  3. He reminds me that organization and plans are not always needed.
  4. He likes to have fun.
  5. He is money conscious and keeps me accountable.
  6. He does the researching!...I like to buy and plan but I hate to do the leg work.  Definetely thankful that this is something he's good at.
  7. Although it is not often, he is not afraid to show his emotions.
  8. He daily abandons his adult, mature self to roll and crawl on the floor and play "bull" with Riggs .
  9. He's smart...much smarter than me!  I can only hope our children get that from him.
  10. He's always willing to help.  I can tend to complain alot that he doesn't just do things..but if I ask he's more than willing.
  11. He is such an active daddy and present in parenting our babies.
  12. He loves to go or he loves to stay home.  So FLEXIBLE.
  13. When we go somewhere he usually drives and some how I hardly even have to get gas in my car (it's the little things).
  14. He's learned to make some pretty awesome pancakes and biscuits from scratch (thanks Sue Sue).
  15. He loves the Lord and desires His plan and His best for our family.
  16. He's athletic.
  17. He's pretty darn handsome.
  18. He tends to love people that can drive most people crazy!
  19. He comes home from work ready to play even though I know he would love to have a few minutes of down time.
  20. He will go shopping with me.
  21. He deals with my dream big and in the future mindset although he is an 'in the present' type of guy.
  22. He changes diapers, burps, rocks and sings to our babies.
  23. He's even tempered.  He stays calm ALOT when I am not so calm.
  24. He is always quick to apologize...(even when something may not be his fault).
  25. He wakes up early and lets me sleep..alot (even if its usually only for 10 or 15 more min., isn't it great not to be the first one out of bed?!)
  26. He's sacrificial.
  27. He holds me, loves me, cries and laughs with me.
  28. He's giving.
  29. He could care less about coming home to a clean house or a homemade dinner (although I know he likes the dinner part)
  30. He has this terrible habit of needing something chocolate and a tall glass of milk EVERY SINGLE NIGHT..and I may secretly join him with no remorse.
  31. He's MINE!

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