Sunday, July 7, 2013

Whitefish Dunes

Yesterday we drove up to Door County and spent the day at Whitefish Dunes.  This is as close to the beach as we will get this year. We left pretty early and got there about 8:30 and left around noon to get lunch at a place recommended by a neighbor and then headed home. 

 We quickly realized where the name came from as there were tons of little white fish that had washed up on shore and died. This beach is on lake Michigan and was alot like the beach with sand and small waves. The only difference was the temperature of the water.  I googled it and the warmest the water gets in July and August is 60 degrees!  It was colder than ice water and you would not believe the number of people that got in.  I guess if you have lived here all your life you don't know the difference?!

Riggs enjoyed playing in the sand, running on the beach and watching the waves wash his tennis ball back onto shore.  Harpin soaked up the sun napped in her tent or on me the whole time.  She is the sweetest!
We left and headed to the bay side of lake Michigan and ate at a hamburger and icecream place called Wilson's right on the water that apparently has been in business there since 1906.

We had a great time together and are thankful that we made the trip to go somewhere that we will probably never have the chance to go to again in our lives...HOPEFULLY:)

Taking it all in

 White fish..yuck fish!

Daddy holding his sweet baby girl!

A cool lobster sculpture

 Snack time

 Sand castles with daddy.

 A quick nap for Riggs on the way to lunch.

 Our view from the porch at lunch.

 When you ask Riggs to smile for a picture you get one of two faces...this one or...
...this one.

 I love my sweet boy.

H was at lunch too:)

Just a little dessert!  If we knew they were this big we would have only gotten one..promise:)

 Riggs enjoyed it too.

 Lake Michigan

 A little fun on the way home.  "I hide, you count"

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