Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Faces and Places of Wisconsin

 Monday we say fairwell to Wisconsin!  I get on a plane with our babies and head to Georgia while they pack up our home and get us ready for our new journey and home in "Alabama house," as Riggs calls it.  

I have alot of emotions, mostly excitement, but sadness lurks in as well.  This is the place we have called home for a little over a year, experienced alot of fun times, brought home our second child and first daughter, and much more!  

I told Andrew yesterday that as we walked through this year I had ALOT of moments of WHY me?, alot of times of lonliness and periods of just wanting it to be over.  But, now that it is over I just look back and see the good times and memories and most importantly, God's faithfulness to us.

I spent some time this past week taking Riggs back to some of our favorite places!  I wanted to have them documented so we could look back on this year and talk about it with him as I know he won't remember it.

Our little home as been good to our growing family!  Lots of times playing in the driveway, too many times shoveling snow and hauling babies in and out, in and out:)

Riggs calls all the parks by a certain name, this was just "Jennerjohn park."  We found Jennerjohn about halfway through our stay here and it became one of our favorite parks!  Riggs loved the fountain and the tunnel. 

We met these sweet girls randomly at the mall and would meet up to play a good bit. Autumn is a little older than Riggs and Elise is about 1 1/2.

I guess most 21/2 to 3 yr olds think alike:)...I told them to put their arms around one another and this is what I got!

The fire truck and sand box at Jennerjohn

"Lion Park"

This is the first park that we went to pretty often.  It's beautiful there.  On the opposite side is a huge field that is really pretty when the corn field is full.

"Rocket ship park" is Riverside park for a reason.  It is right on the river with a beautiful Riverwalk.  This is certainly one of the things we will miss most about Wisconsin!  There are so many parks and family friends things to do so close to home.

I'm sure I have many more pictures of Riggs on this playground as we frequented it maybe 2-3 times a week during the winter...which was long if I must remind you:)  This is the playplace in our mall!  If you asked Riggs back in the cold days what he wanted to do today, his most likely reply would be, "go to grocery store, get groceries. Go to mall, play!" 

I worked as a float nurse and went between two hospitals in their ICU's. Thedaclark was one of the two and is a level 2 trauma center.  It was probably my favorite of the twos because of the patient population being that of trauma and more head injuries which I am more comfortable with opposed to....

Appleton Medical Center, which is an open heart hospital and therefore had more cardiac patients in their ICU, along with a good mix of other things!  I will say that this year of working was not easy as I worked rotating schedules(day and night shifts), and never really formed close relationships with any coworkers because of working between two places. But, I made it!  

This is Ms. Amy and the daycare that Harpin went to starting way too early, just 10 weeks old, until now(4.5 months).  They took great care of her though!

 Some of our neighbors!  This is Mac, Mac lives two houses over and  Riggs obviously wants to do everything he does.  I will see him do something and he says, "Mac do this!"

This is Corbin...

and Rose (or "Rosie").  They live next door and have become quite the friends in the past few warm months where we could all be outside together!

This is "Miss Mewissa."  She has taken care of and loved Riggs in her home on the days that I have had to work!  She has a little boy Riggs age and also kept two little girls near the same ages.

Riggs and Riley (or "Ri")

Shannon is Melissa's husband.  Riggs really grew to love him and many times would be found wrestling and playing with the boys when Andrew went to pick him up.

I am so thankful for people that really loved my little boy.

Sweet boys

Hilarious that they gave each other kisses when we said goodbye.  Afterwards, Riggs covered his face and just giggled:)

So, We have had many memories here but these are the faces and places that I most want us to remember from our time here!