Monday, April 23, 2012


I ran a 5k on Sunday in honor of a patient that I took care of a few months back.  It was the Coach Jay 5k and all the money went to his family. What a great tribute to him as running is what he was doing when his life was taken and it was apparently something that he loved! 
 I didn't even know this guy, but I am friends with his wife on facebook and have read numerous newpaper articles and such about him.  He was a young husband, father teacher and a NASA soccer coach, and from all I have seen, heard and read, he loved the Lord and shared that passion with everyone he came in contact with!  I was so encouraged and challenged by his wife and family the few days that I cared for him and even now, a few months after his death, I am daily encouraged by the faith of his wife.  She told me in the hospital that he posted something daily from his devotion in order to try and encourage others and now she continues that on his fb page!  I was blessed by caring for him and meeting his family in the midst of such a difficult time.

This was a picture I saw on the website that was shot of me running!HA:)

I have only run a few races, a 10k and this makes my 2nd 5k.  I think it is really fun and would probably do it more often if they were not so expensive!  At any rate, I only ran once this week and it was the day before the race (b/c I was sick) so I was just going to have fun.  BUT...adrenaline and excitement must have put some fire under my hiney b/c I was 2nd in my age group, finished in 24:54, ran an 8:01 min/mi., and finished 167 out of 800 runners.  Needless to say, I am pretty proud of myself:)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Party Time

I am finally getting around to posting about Riggs FIRST Birthday party!  I was waiting on pictures from my friend (Katharine Hurlburt with ) and the time to put everything together.  I will do another post with more pictures soon, but here is a litte to start with so I don't overload you with pictures.

Some of the decorations!  Thankfully I started way in advance and found some cheap deals on etsy to print my own invites and decorations and other things I made myself.  I really enjoyed the planning:)
A little of the food...We had brunch food, including chicken minis, sausage balls, fruit, muffins, juice and coffee. Simple and yummy!

And....the Birthday Boy LOVED his cake!  He sat there for probably 20 minutes and savored every moment:)
I will do another post soon with more candids, opening gifts, ect.  So thankful for family and friends that helped me make his day special!


We had a nice relaxing Easter at home.  The Easter bunny came before church on Sunday and Riggs enjoyed digging into his basket!  Our church service was great and definetly pointed toward Christ and the gospel, as it should.  I feel like this year I was way more emotional in my realization and rememberance of what Christ did for me on the cross.  New Song was there for our services and sang "Arise" and it was amazing!  What a powerful, fierce, loving, amazing (and so many more adjectives) God we serve!!! I am SO THANKFUL! 
and now for a few pics...
Riggs opening some of his goodies from Sue Sue

He loves the eggs!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sweet Caroline

We drove to Greensboro today to meet sweet little Caroline.  Andrew's college roommate and his wife just had their first baby almost 2 weeks ago and she is precious.  It is crazy how time flies and how much they grow in just one short year.  Holding her sweet little 7 lbs definetly gets me looking forward to another baby!

I can't believe I only got one picture of her sweet little face!  We are so excited for Josh and Charlie and the adventures ahead:)

Zoo Day

 The cutest little lion I've ever seen!
 Mama and Riggs after looking at the birds.
 Happy boy clapping:)
 Looking at the bears

 Getting down to stretch those little legs!

 His blanket fell down over his head and he just rode like this for a while:)

 Enjoying the petting zoo:)
Looking with daddy

Monday, April 2, 2012

My little meatball update

-Andrews new name for Riggs is meatball, even though he is not even close to fitting this description! He is so long and skinny...just like his mama;)HA!
- He is changing so much and is so close to walking.
-He is cutting 2 more teeth for a total of 10!
-He likes to try and make animal noises when we ask him what ____ says..but he can't really make the noise he just makes the face that I guess we make when we say "Moooo" or "woof woof" :) It's so cute.
-He is a sleeping maching and still takes two naps that are something 2 1/2 hrs each and then bed at 7:30, but he is an early riser.
-He loves to go for runs with Andrew and I and will sit in his stroller forever, as long as he is outside!
- He loves bubbles.
That's just a few things that little Riggs has been up to the past week or so. Hopefully some pics to come soon!