Saturday, December 17, 2011

And the Stocking were hung...

I'm really looking forward to Christmas! For the first time my family is coming to my house for Christmas. Really, it will be Christmas Eve (because I have to work Christmas day) but I am excited to have Riggs' 1st Christmas at home. Only three more days of work and then family fun for a few days! Can't wait to post pictures of Riggs and his first Christmas.
Hopefully Riggs will be more fond of Christmas than he is of Santa Claus!
Hopeing for more of this...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Journey

This life journey is lying by! I'm 28 years old today and I am in a different place at 28 than I thought I would be, and that's ok. I pray that I am exactly where God wants me to be. I woke up this morning to Andrew making me pancakes. We ate breakfast and as I brought Riggs out of his room Andrew met me with my birthday present that he said was from he and Riggs:) I didn't expect anything. Actually, I told him not to get me anything because we don't really need to spend the money. But, much to my surprise I opened these...
CUTE! Thanks babe for a surprise:)
Now I'm home, on the couch, while Riggs still naps. Andrew has practicum until 9pm.
He leaves tomorrow to drive to St. Louis, Missouri for an interview. AN INTERVIEW! This means the end is in sight. This is the first of 3 interviews so far and we are still waiting to hear from about 9 other places. January 12th he flies to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for an interview at the State Prison and then on the 13th he interviews at the Federal Pen. in Terre Haute, Indiana! We are just continuing to pray for the Lord's leading and direction as to where we will be next year. I am a little scared and anxious, but I know Him to be SO FAITHFUL! I know this may bore some, but I want to be able to look back and see how this whole story unfolded in our lives!
And just because I can't leave without a picture of my sweetness...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Walker and tri-tooth

In the past two to three days Riggs has grown more and more fond of his walker and actually knows how to "walk" around in it! He's getting QUICK:) He also has his third tooth! It's kind funny looking though, as it is on the bottom right of his other two. I always thought they got the bottom ones and then started cutting the top teeth. I feel like I can see the two top ones but the bottom one has cut through for now he's our little tri-tooth!

Christmas Party

Friday night we had our Sunday School Christmas party and I wanted to post a few pics before I forgot!
We are so thankful for these friends!

Our fearless leaders:) We are so thankful to be a part of this class. Even though its been only a short time, God has used them to encourage and challenge us!
Andrew and I both won a door prize. This is him showing off his prize! (He's CRAZY!)
We had a great catered dinner and then did a white elephant gift exchange with a pretty interesting variety of gifts!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Riggs is 9 Months!

Riggs, you turned 9 months on December 4th. I'm sure I will say this many times as you grow and change, but I think this is my favorite stage right now:) So..What are you up to?
  • You are pulling up on things whenever you get the chance.
  • You are STILL in size 2 diapers.
  • You wear 9-12 month clothes
  • At your 9 month dr's appt you weighed 18lbs 7 oz (28th percentile) and were 29 inches long (77th percentile)
  • You still eat alot of pureed foods because you don't seem to be able to chew up soft things well enough yet and you gag. You do LOVE puffs and little pieces of banana.
  • You started playing peek-a-boo and when we say "where's Riggs?" you cover your face with your blankie.
  • You babble "dada da da da" ALOT! When are you going to say mama?!
  • Your favorite toy is still Sophie the giraffe...your face lights up when you see her.
  • You still like to play in your excer saucer and jumper.
  • You are starting to notice Sadie more and more and want to play with her food and climb on her bed! (yuck!)
  • You are a GREAT sleeper. You take two 2-2 1/2 hr naps a day and sleep from about 7:30pm-6:30am

We love you SO MUCH! Can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Special Message, Special Day

Today is a special day for a special person. And I was going to just post one picture and leave it at that, but these are too cute not to put more than one.


We love you and are thankful for the many years and years to come that we have with you! I am so blessed and thankful that you are here to meet and see Riggs as I am reminded today that it is a blessing and not a given. I hope that you have a great day and know that you are loved and appreciated! Love you Mama!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home again, home again jiggity jig!

I call Kennesaw and Appling home. No matter if we are going or coming I say we are "going home!" So, we went home (to Appling) again this weekend for the Anderson Christmas in Estill, SC. It was good to see family that we haven't seen in a while and catch up and introduce them to Riggs! Riggs had a great time and enjoyed riding on the hayride with all of his cousins:)
We rode to Estill with Sue Sue and Granstan and spent most of the day there and then Sunday morning we went to my mom and dads for breakfast so they could spend some time with Riggs (shh...we all skipped church:( )
Napping on the way!
Mommy and Riggs before the hayride
Cousin Corban and Georgia holding Riggs
Rod, Will and Jensen
Riggs loves Uncle Aaron
Riggs and Aunt Jamie
Sue Sue singing to Riggs
My sweet family!
Georgia loves her Uncle Andrew
These are just the few I took at my mom and dads Sunday morning for breakfast..all in our jammies:)
Riggs and Aunt Rach
Reading "Twas' the night before Christmas"
Getting into Grana's stuff
We had a fun weekend that always goes by SO quickly! And happy NINE MONTHS to my baby boy today...will do a post on him soon!