Tuesday, October 30, 2012

12 Weeks

I know some people think these things are kind of cheesy and alot of times I do too! But, I don't want to look back and wish that I would have kept more record of my pregnancies and I know our families want to keep up too...so here goes!
How far along: 12 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 1 lb.
Maternity Clothes? not yet
Stretch Marks? Nope
Sleep: I feel like that's all I do!  Looking forward to the burst of energy that is hopefully to come!
Best Moment this week: My doctors appointment and hearing sweet babies heart beat.
Have you told family and friends? Yes.
Missing anything?  Sushi!
Movement:  Not yet
Food Cravings:  Japanese food (hoping to go next week when Sue Sue is here:), Chocolate cupcakes...and my sweet husband surprised me and brought one home  from a bakery tonight.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Just brushing my teeth or clearing my throat, I gag EVERY
time and sometimes throw up. 
Belly button in or out?  In.
Have you started to show yet?  Yep, but still just have the chubby look.
Gender: Don't know
Labor signs: No, and I hope we have a long time for baby to cook before that happens!
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time?  HAPPY! Thankfully I haven't had mood swings with either pregnancy.
Looking forward to:  Sue Sue (my mother-in-law) coming next week and my parents coming for Thanksgiving... and a few dates alone with my husband while we have the BEST babysitters;)

Our Pumpkin

We carved our pumpkin the other night and I was excited to see what Riggs would do thinking he would enjoy playing with the goop on the inside!  And, he didn't want anything to do with it...he just wanted to stir the inside with a spoon:)  But, we still had fun and our finished product is just a cute little jack-o-lantern!

He saw me with the camera and said "CHEESE"

He looks so big especially with these play clothes on!

Stirring the pumpkin:)

Sweet little profile and curls.

Our finished product


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leaves are falling

Just a little fun at the neighbors expense:) Thankfully these are not in our yard to rake!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's Goin' On?

Riggs and I went to the Children's museum in downtown Appleton (about 15 min from our house) on Friday. Admission was free with a child in costume! We borrowed a little pumpkin costume from the lady who keeps him. I would love to buy him a cute little costume and take him trick or treating but I have to work:(. So, all that to say we spent the cold morning in doors playing and exploring!

Riggs is so cute lately!
-He will pull up my shirt and kiss the baby and then pull it back down and say bye bye.
-while eating lunch yesterday he ran up to Andrew and said "hi baby!" That's what we say to him but it was too funny!
- Anything that you can sit on your head is a hat and he will try just about anything and walk around saying "hat"
- I love that he will walk to his bed when we say night night and try to climb in... Good little sleeper:)

What a fun time with this little cutie.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Little Farmer

Apparently, The Little Farmer is a big deal in Wisconsin and it is the place to go for pumpkin and apple picking in the fall!  Thankfully, we found out about it from one of Andrew's fellow interns and went with she and her husband on Saturday.  This mama went a little unprepared.  I am learning that I always need to plan to be colder than I think it's going to be!  So, needless to say it was COLD.  Secondly, I was thinking a cute little pumpkin patch with pumpkins all in one area to take pictures and pick out and then head on our way!  No, we walked into fields...MUDDY fields where we had inches of mud stuck to the bottom of our shoes (and I just so happened to have on cloth UGGS)!  So, I had to put on my happy attitude and try to enjoy our day:)  I DID!  Thankfully, after a little attitude adjustment and the sun coming out a bit we had a lot of fun.  So, we picked our pumpkins, ate a yummy pumpkin muffin with cream cheese icing and bought the famous homemade apple pie to freeze for thanksgiving. 

Here are some pics from our day....


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coming Soon

Yes it's TRUE, we are expecting BABY # 2! 
I will be 10 weeks this coming Tuesday with our 2nd little blessing and we are really excited.  This year will hold a lot of new and change for us which brings mixed emotions.  We are due May 14, 2013.  In the midst of a new life being born, Andrew will be finishing up his internship and looking for a full time job in the federal correctional system!  We are trusting in the Lord and His perfect plan and timing!
I have been feeling pretty good.  So far, about the same as I did with Riggs at this point...I just DO NOT remember being this TIRED!  I nap when he naps for almost 2 hrs every day and then it never fails that I am asleep by 9 o'clock.  I did find out from my blood draw at my first doctors appointment that I am hypothyroid and I started on Synthroid so I don't know how much that has to do with it? (and it really stinks to think that you are healthy and then find this out..but it could always be worse so I am thankful!)  God has been SO good to us!

Riggs is 18 months!

Riggs WAS 18 months a month ago!  I can't seem to keep up...it's not that I don't have the time, it's just that lately I haven't really wanted to take the time to blog at all!

So to keep this short and sweet, this is what Riggs is up to lately...
  • He is talking up a storm and will try to repeat anything we say!
  • He is still a terrible eater and the doctor recommended calling a speech therapist to see him and just get an opinion. Don't get me wrong, he will eat...he is just picky and texture is a BIG thing.  I mean, NO veggies unless they are pureed or baby food. So, yes, he is almost 2 eating baby food to get his greens.
  • He is still a great sleeper and naps from about 12-2:30 and sleeps from 7:30pm to 6 am (just wish I could push this wake up call back a bit:)
  • He's starting to throw 2 year old tantrums...don't know how I feel about this:(
  • He is lovey dovey...he will randomly give hugs or kisses and especially like to "hug neck" and he wraps his arms tight around my neck! LOVE IT:)
  • He loves to be outside...what boy doesn't?!
  • He loves to check the mail.  EVERYTIME we pull in the driveway or walk outside he says "mail" multiple times of day with no concept that the mail only comes once.  So, yes, we check the mail ALOT!
  • His favorite show is Elmo.  He also loves "George and ChooChoo" (curious George and Thomas the Train).
  • He runs to the fridge in the mornings saying MILK, MILK!
  • The lady that keeps him when I work tells him to wait when she is doing something and he wants it now...so he randomly says "wait,wait" when I am doing something and he wants it:)
  • He stand in front of the tv saying "D, D" waving his arms in the air..he wants music to DANCE to:)
  • He loves kids and he loves to play.  He will start saying play the minute he knows we are even close to the daycare ladies house, the gym or church. He may be a people person like his mommy and daddy!
  • We talk to Gigi and Papa alot on facetime and the if mom is on the phone he starts saying papa and the opposite..he wants to see em' both;)
  • He wears 18-24 month clothes, size 6 shoes and size 5 diapers. 
He also got his first haircut this month!  Big boy!