Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's Goin' On?

Riggs and I went to the Children's museum in downtown Appleton (about 15 min from our house) on Friday. Admission was free with a child in costume! We borrowed a little pumpkin costume from the lady who keeps him. I would love to buy him a cute little costume and take him trick or treating but I have to work:(. So, all that to say we spent the cold morning in doors playing and exploring!

Riggs is so cute lately!
-He will pull up my shirt and kiss the baby and then pull it back down and say bye bye.
-while eating lunch yesterday he ran up to Andrew and said "hi baby!" That's what we say to him but it was too funny!
- Anything that you can sit on your head is a hat and he will try just about anything and walk around saying "hat"
- I love that he will walk to his bed when we say night night and try to climb in... Good little sleeper:)

What a fun time with this little cutie.

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