Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Harpin is 15 months!

I took Harpin for her 15 month check up today and she is pretty much perfect:)  She is growing and changing so fast!  I wanted to update a few stats on her since I got them today.

    • You weight 5 oz and are 31 inches long.
    • You are transitioning to one nap and when you are at home its usually 12-3:30ish.
    • Since my last update when you were 12 months you have cut all 4 of your molars.
    • You are on the RUN now and love to try to keep up with your brother.
    • You love to push your baby stroller or grocery cart around the house.
    • You love even more to be outside. 
    • You have gotten a little more picky with time.  You love broccoli but don't want anything to do with any other veggies.  You love ALL fruit!
    • We've been putting your hair in pigtails the past few weeks and you are PRECIOUS.
    • You had tubes put in your ears last month and are finally starting to say more and more. You now say Mama, Daddy, Papa, Uh-oh and bye bye.
    • Sadly you do not like to be rocked just like your brother at this age.  You see your lovie and your bed and you are ready to dive in.  This is good sometimes, except when mama wants to rock you and snuggle:(.
You are one loved little girl and we are so thankful that you are ours!