Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gigi and Papa

My Mom and Dad came the week of Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed them being here!  Andrew and I had to continue on with life and keep working but they were able to keep Riggs. I did have an answered prayer from the week before and instead of working Tuesday and Wednesday night shift I was switched to just Wednesday day shift and was able to spend more time at home! 

We went and played Thursday morning (only a short  time considering there were 20 mph winds) and we went to Burger King for lunch, the only place opened on Thanksgiving day, shame on us!  Then we came home and cooked our Thanksgiving meal.  None of us really love turkey so we had brisket, crock pot mac-n-cheese, green beans, homemade yeast rolls, apple pie and turtle cheesecake.  And, we actually convinced dad to stay up past 8 and play cards with us:). 

Watching "sheep" with Papa

Our little family at the Christmas parade

Gigi and Papa

Thankful my mom and dad were able to come and be with us for Thanksgiving!

Sweet boy..impossible to get a smile for a posed picture!

Hug for Gigi

Happy Birthday GiGi!

Today is my Mom's Birthday and as I sit and think about how old she is getting (hehe) what a Birthday really is...another year to celebrate, to live life, to love family, to please our Savior...I am so thankful for another year with her!  I am thankful for who she is in my life, for how she has loved me unconditionally and now loves my husband and my son the same way!