Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Evy Ruth is 1 month!

Evy Ruth, you have been such a blessing and perfect addition to our family.

Some things about you this first month...

  • You nurse right at every 3 hours and you are eating like a champ
  • Since you are eating like a champ at one month you weights 10.4 lbs and were 22.5inches long.
  • You love being swaddled tight and have been sleeping in the pack and play in our room.
  • You are just like your big bro and sis and like to be bounced and patted when you are upset.
  • You are in size 1 diapers already.
  • Size 3 month clothes.
  • Riggs and Harpin already adore you and have adjusted so well with their new baby sister around!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Harpin is 2!

Harpin turned TWO on May 15th. I wanted to up date about your spunky, sassy personality and how you are growing!
  • At your two year check up you were 29 lbs (75%) and 35 inches tall(85%).  
  • You are becoming quite the little mama and love to talk to "Ebyroof" (all one word, pronounced just like that), you love to bounce, feed, rock and sing to your baby dolls.
  • You are still in diapers (size 5).  We tried potty training one day for a few hours while I was on maternity leave with ER and WE were not ready!  We will try again soon.
  • You sleep well and go to bed around 8pm and wake up AT SIX O'CLOCK!  It's like you have an alarm set. You nap from 1-3 or 3:30.  You go down great for both nap time and bed time and you always want us to "pat me."  If we aren't you take our hand and put it on your back and say "pat me."
  • You love to dance, especially with daddy in the kitchen.
  • You are fairly good eater (better than R was at your age).  
  • You and Riggs play well together for the most part and you like to do whatever he is doing.  He has started to aggravate you and you definitely know how to defend yourself (i.e.- hitting, pinching, biting or pulling hair!!!)
  • You are snuggly and sweet.
  • Some names we call you are...Harpy, Harp, Chunky Checker, Check Check just to name a few.
  • you are in 2T clothes and size 7 shoes.
  • You love to swim and are not scared AT ALL! You like to stand on the steps and just step off and sink under the water.  When you come up with huge eyes you say, "I go under da wadder"
  • You love to be outside doing anything we are doing.
  • You are quite the whiner and cry and fuss ALOT! You are constantly following me saying, "hold me mama, hold me"
  • Because of your constant neediness you are often found sitting on the counter while I'm doing whatever needs to be done (makeup, cooking dinner, etc)
  • You LOVE animals of any kind.
  • When it's time for nap time or bed time you always tell us to, "pat me" and you take our hands and put them on your hiney or your back:)
You bring us so much joy and daddy and I agree that the 2's are the golden age!  We love to see you learning and growing.

Since your birthday was only 2 weeks after Evy Ruth was born we just had a small family party at Sue Sue and Granstan's pool and had your choice of Minnie Mouse cake.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More of our hospital stay and visitors

We were so thankful to be close to home and have both sets of grandparents here for Evy Ruth's Birthday and beyond.  My mom and mother in law were in the room for her delivery and it was special to be able to share that with them.  Once we were home and settled my brother and sister in law came to meet ER as well.  

I wanted to post a few pictures of visitors in the hospital and our journey home as a family of 5 just for our memory!

Mike Williams from Golden Springs and his wife, Charity, came to see you! They brought a sweet treat of  Baby Ruth candy bars:)

Meg and Tiffany are mama's gym friends.

Sue Sue brought us pretty flowers!

Pastor Roland

Pastor Roland, Britt and Ashley.  All friends from church.

Mary loved getting to hold you.  She is a precious co-worker in Cardiac rehab with mama.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Then there were FIVE (Evy Ruth's Birth Story)

Our sweet baby was born on April 27th at 1:43p.m. weighing 8 lbs. 13oz. and 21 inches long.  We were so surprised and excited that it was a GIRL!  Everyone kept guessing boy and it starts to settle after you hear it so many times.  We would have been thrilled either way, but we were surprised and excited to welcome Evelyn Ruth (Evy Ruth) Anderson. 

 My due date was April 28th and I was willing, as was my doctor, to let me go over my due date.  That was until I started having HORRIBLE carpal tunnel in my hands that was causing severe pain in my fingers.  The pain was worse when I tried to sleep at night and because of that I couldn't sleep more than about 30 minutes at a time without getting up.  All that to say, we decided to go with a scheduled induction on April 27th.  I was nervous as this would be my second VBAC, since I had a c-section with Riggs.

After going to a late dinner that night while my mom kept the kids we came home, rested, and headed to the hospital at 12 am. 

Here are the events after that...

*1:10am Pitocin was started.  They increased the Pitocin all night and at first I could feel mild contractions and then they seemed to slow down and get less intense. 
*9:40 am Dr. Jones came in and I was still 4cm and barely feeling contractions.  Dr. Jones broke my water and boy did that get things going. 
*10:50am contractions were much stronger and about 21/2 minutes apart and I was ready for the epidural.
*10:57 am Epi was placed and they check me (only 5cm)
*12:35pm started feeling contractions and pressure on one side so anesthesia came and redosed epi and Dr. Jones checked me and we were 8cm.
*1:34pm we were 10 cm and ready to push.  The first thing I heard was "look at all that dark hair!" and in 4 pushes we had a baby!  Next, I heard  "way over 8lbs."  And then finally, "IT'S A GIRL!"
This was my easiest delivery yet and I give all the glory to God!  I'm so thankful that I finally got my "dream birth."  I was unable to hold Riggs nor Harpin immediately after birth and this time my baby was placed right on my chest and stayed there with me for over an hour.  I am amazed every time at the miracle of life and so thankful for a healthy baby.



and more waiting...

It's a GIRL!

Andrew got to cut the cord for the first time!

and I got to hold my baby right away for the first time.

Welcome sweet Evy Ruth

This man was amazing and helped me to have a perfect birth experience.

our biggest baby yet

This was a first too, my mom and my mother-in-law were there to welcome their newest grand daughter.

Beyond thankful for our parents and that Riggs, Harpin and Evy Ruth have the best Sue Sue, Granstan, Gigi and Papa!

Meeting their baby sister.

Harpin was a little unsure but definitely curious:)

After lots of snuggles, everyone watched Evy Ruth get her first bath.

The best we could get of our family of FIVE!

Daddys' little girl


Gigi brought treats for Riggs and Harpin in the hospital and they were a hit