Wednesday, December 3, 2014

16 Weeks with #3

I kinda missed out on blogging about the big news:)  We are expecting #3!!! We are due April 28, 2015.  We are super excited and thankful.  I have felt exactly the same as I feel like I did with the first two only maybe a little more exhausted this time.  Thankfully I never have real sickness, fatigue and a sensitive gag reflex have marked my pregnancies and I'm thankful for just that.

Here is how we announced we were pregnant to our families.  We were celebrating Harpin's 1st Birthday (only a few months late:) )

A little behind on posting pregnancy updates this go round.  But, I don't want #3 to be left out so I'm going to do my best to do pics and an update to atleast go with every doctors appointment.  

How far along? 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Let's not say this go round!

Maternity Clothes? not yet, although I'm getting bigger by the day!

 Stretch marks?  Nope

Sleep: It's ALL I want to do!

Have you told family and friends? Yes.

Missing anything? Not yet.

Movement: Yes, just started really feeling baby this week.

Food Cravings: yummy warm soups, Japanese food.  Ok, so really any food! I'm eating nonstop!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope...Thankful!

Belly button in or out? still IN

Have you started to show yet? of course

Gender: Don't know:)

Labor signs: Too soon for any of that!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy 

Looking forward to: Mom and Dad coming Friday and spending
Saturday out and about with my husband!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Harpin is 18 months!

I took sweet girl for her 18 month checkup today and everything checked out great.  Since she has been sick on and off with ear infections and little things she lost 2 lbs since her last visit!  But, the doctor didn't seemed concerned at the moment.  She weighs 25 lbs (51%), is 32 inches tall (54%), and head circumference is 47cm (60%).  

Here are some things you are up to:

  • I call you sassafrass are SASSY! 
  • We just sat you in your highchair without the tray at the table with us:)  It's fun to have all of us actually "around" the table.
  • You love your brother still and are starting to get into all kinds of things with him.  You love to kiss him or pat him on the head.
  • You DESPISE shopping.  Especially riding in the cart.  
  • You go to bed between 7:30 and 8pm and wake up around 6:30-7am.  Nap from 12:30ish to 3-3:30.
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE Da-yyy (daddy).  You call his name all throughout the day and when you finally see him you just want him to hold you.
  • You are a big fan of your blankie and lovie just like your big bro and would carry it everywhere if we let you.
  • you still suck your fingers on your left hand.
  • You like to color, rock-rock the baby, play blocks, read books with us or alone, and play outside.
  • You have gotten much pickier lately with what you will eat.  
  • You are saying alot more these days.  Our favorites are daddy, mama, Iggs (Riggs), Gigi, golfcart, please, dog, eat, cheese (for the camera)
  • You love dogs SO MUCH!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Harpin is 15 months!

I took Harpin for her 15 month check up today and she is pretty much perfect:)  She is growing and changing so fast!  I wanted to update a few stats on her since I got them today.

    • You weight 5 oz and are 31 inches long.
    • You are transitioning to one nap and when you are at home its usually 12-3:30ish.
    • Since my last update when you were 12 months you have cut all 4 of your molars.
    • You are on the RUN now and love to try to keep up with your brother.
    • You love to push your baby stroller or grocery cart around the house.
    • You love even more to be outside. 
    • You have gotten a little more picky with time.  You love broccoli but don't want anything to do with any other veggies.  You love ALL fruit!
    • We've been putting your hair in pigtails the past few weeks and you are PRECIOUS.
    • You had tubes put in your ears last month and are finally starting to say more and more. You now say Mama, Daddy, Papa, Uh-oh and bye bye.
    • Sadly you do not like to be rocked just like your brother at this age.  You see your lovie and your bed and you are ready to dive in.  This is good sometimes, except when mama wants to rock you and snuggle:(.
You are one loved little girl and we are so thankful that you are ours!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Harpin is a YEAR OLD!

Actually, Harpin is now 13 months old but I wanted to do a quick update on my growing baby girl!  She is such a joy and is growing up so fast.  

  • Still in size 3 diapers, size 12 month clothes and has quickly outgrown the size 2 shoes that I bought her at the beginning of the spring.
  • At your 12 month well check you weighed 20 lbs (63%), 30 in. long (77%) and head circ. 43in.
  • You are cruising every where and just recently started taking 2-3 steps!
  • You still take two naps, morning nap about 2 hrs and afternoon about 3 hrs.
  • You go to bed between 7-7:30 and wake up between 6:30-7am.
  • You love, love, love your big brother.
  • You still suck your middle fingers on your left hand.
  • You have 8 teeth, 4 top and 4 bottom.
  • You love the bathtub, walks around the neighborhood, playing with Riggs' toys, golfcart rides, one of us chasing you around the house, dogs, and alot more!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter this year took on a whole new meaning for me!  I'm not sure if it's simply because I'm getting older, because I have my own children or what I think is mostly true -- I spent alot more time preparing my heart and reading!  I'm so thankful that God chose to send His only son to take the wrath that I deserve up on Himself!  We serve a RISEN Savior!

We dyed eggs Friday night  and then had a fun Easter day.  The kids got their Easter baskets, we went to church and then some new friends here invited us over for lunch and to hunt Easter eggs with their boys.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Harpin is 11 Months!

My sweet girl turned 11 months old on the 15th.  My, oh my, she's almost a YEAR OLD!
Here are some things you are up to...

  • You are still in size three diapers.
  • You are wearing size 12 month clothing.
  • You are pulling up and cruising everywhere and you are FINALLY crawling:)
  • You take 4 -6oz. bottles a day.  Mama has just started adding some whole milk to your bottles to try and start the transition off of the bottle in the next month.
  • You go to bed around 7:30pm and wake up usually 6 or 6:30am.  
  • You still take two naps, although when we are on the go you can make it with only one!  If you take two naps you sleep from 8-10ish and then in the afternoon 1-4!
  • You are two top teeth with your 3rd almost through and 4 teeth on the bottom.
  • You love to patty cake and always start to dance when we sing it to you.
  • You still do not say anything intentionally!  You say "dadadadada" ALOT! and I think are starting to put it together when Daddy is around.
  • You still suck your two fingers on your left hand and love your lovie just like your big bro.
  • You love to be outside and are usually content just to ride around in the stroller and go for a walk.
  • You love to eat and will pretty much eat anything we give you!

Riggs' 3 Year Old Questionnaire:)

I thought it would be fun to do this every year and see how his answers change.  My sweet boy is growing up so fast and I love how his personality is changing and the sweet boy he is becoming!


Nicknames: Riggsy, bub
How old are you? "Free" (three) :)
What is your favorite color? orange
What is your favorite animal? elephants
What is your favorite book? The train one (The little engine that could just came in the mail)
What is your favorite TV show? Mickey Mouse
What is your favorite movie? Tangled
What is your favorite song? the song I dance to (a-tooti-ta)
What is your favorite food? bread
What is your favorite drink? orange juice (he's only had it once:)
What is your favorite breakfast food? toast
What is your favorite snack? cheetos (I told him he never has cheetos and he said, "at school last time I did")
What is your favorite outfit? sweatpants and a tshirt like daddy
What is your favorite game? fireworks on my ipad
What is your favorite toy?  trains (he never plays with his trains so I asked "when do you play trains?" and he says, "on Saturday's!  HA!)
Who is your best friend? Mason and Jase
What is your favorite thing to do? run
What is your favorite thing to do outside? ride my bike
What is your favorite holiday? when Santa Clause comes
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? lovie, duckie and my blankie
Where is your favorite place to go? outside
What is your favorite restaurant? Chicaway(chic-fil-a)
Where do you want to go on vacation? I explained it as a special trip and he said "on a date"
What do you want to be when you grow up? like Daddy-o
What did you do on your birthday? jump, play at my party

To Infinity and Beyond! -- Riggs' 3rd Birthday Party

We had R's 3rd Birthday party at Sue Sue and Granstan's house.  We decided to have his birthday party in Appling because we haven't really been here long enough at the time to have anyone that we would have felt comfortable inviting and it would keep all of our family from having to drive 31/2 hours to us and then turn around and go back.  

He had a blast!  All he really wanted for his birthday was candles.  But, once the day was here I think he really enjoyed every bit of it!  We couldn't have had a prettier day with all the yucky weather we have had this winter/spring.

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

I'm SO BEHIND!- Rachael's Lingerie Shower

I really wish that I was disciplined enough to sit down every few days and blog and post updates pictures of my kids.  Considering that this is the only "scrapbook" of our life and the changing and growing of my babies, you would think that I would do it more often.  It's not that I'm too busy!  It's just that when nap time rolls around there are other things calling my name.  Like, lunch in the peace and quiet, laundry, a nap, preparing dinner, etc.

So, with all this said, I am going to try to catch up.  The two big things that I haven't posted about are Rachael's lingerie shower and Riggs' 3rd Birthday party!

I'll start in order. We went home the weekend of March 8th and I helped give Rachael (my future sis-in-law) a lingerie shower on Friday night and then Saturday afternoon we had Riggs' Birthday party at Sue Sue and Gran Stan's house.

The lingerie shower was at a restaurant downtown called Crums on Central.  It was a great place to have it because we all got what we wanted to eat, they served us, she opened gifts, we laughed, ate dessert and went home!  

I'm so thankful to be gaining a sister in just 3 short weeks!