Thursday, September 20, 2012

It has been a WHILE!

     I don't know where to start since it has been so long since I've blogged!  We have been here in Wisconsin for about a month and a half and are feeling as settled as we can be.  I have so many things that I could update on but I am going to try to just do a brief overview of what it is like here and then try to do Riggs 18 month post, it will just be a month late.

     We are settled into our new home here and are starting to feel the chill in the air as the high is 60 the rest of the week!  I'm already cold and I ain't seen nothing yet;)  It is really pretty here and I feel like it is a lot different from home.  Just small things that are different but add up.  The roads and stop lights are different.  There are tons of parks and sidewalks on EVERY road which we have really enjoyed.  We could go to a different park every day for a week all within 5-10 miles of our house. Because of that, every time Riggs sees a playground he says "pay, pay" (play) over and over again! 

     Riggs is going to an inhome day care with a lady that keeps three other children and he is adjusting well.  He is growing up so fast and is really enjoying the time there with craft time and music time.  He comes home wanting to dance:) 

     I have one week left of orientation and then will be on my own floating between two hospitals in the ICU.  One is a trauma ICU and the other is a cardiac/open heart ICU.  My experience with the hospitals have been good so far. They are alot smaller than the hospital I came from but seem to be very up to date and have a lot to teach me! 

     Andrew is enjoying his internship experience so far.  He is at a prison and a place called Wisconsin Resource Center right now.  He could explain what they each are an entail better than I could but I'm sure it would be an act of God to get him to write on my blog:).  He feels that he will get good experience at both locations to hopefully land him where he feels called when all this is over with. 

     We have been attending the same church called Pathways the past few weeks.  We started doing Financial Peace during their SS hour and hoping that this will allow us to learn more about budgeting and saving as we are trying to save what Andrew makes this year and just continue living off of my income.  We also went to small group last Sunday afternoon and enjoyed time with a few other couples our age that all have small children.  Hoping and praying to find some friends here soon! 

     We are looking forward to some friends and both of our families coming in October and November!!!  It will be great to have company and show them what our life is like here now.  We are definetly having to adjust to our new normal as Andrew has never had to be gone full time and has had a really flexible schedule and we have had LOTS of time together and now he is gone 7-5 every day.

     That's all I have for now, but hope to be updating more soon and being more consistent to keep track of what's happening in our lives and on Riggs 18 month happenings as I take him to the doctor next week.