Monday, April 2, 2012

My little meatball update

-Andrews new name for Riggs is meatball, even though he is not even close to fitting this description! He is so long and skinny...just like his mama;)HA!
- He is changing so much and is so close to walking.
-He is cutting 2 more teeth for a total of 10!
-He likes to try and make animal noises when we ask him what ____ says..but he can't really make the noise he just makes the face that I guess we make when we say "Moooo" or "woof woof" :) It's so cute.
-He is a sleeping maching and still takes two naps that are something 2 1/2 hrs each and then bed at 7:30, but he is an early riser.
-He loves to go for runs with Andrew and I and will sit in his stroller forever, as long as he is outside!
- He loves bubbles.
That's just a few things that little Riggs has been up to the past week or so. Hopefully some pics to come soon!

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