Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy to you

Today is this mans 31st Birthday!  I am working all weeked so we did a little something for him on Thurdsday.  We went to target to get one last thing to add to his birthday present and I got Riggs excited about making daddy a birthday card and cake.  Oh boy, I should learn not to tell him anything until the exact second that it will take place because this is what I heard until we got home, "daddy close his eyes, have surprise,"  "make daddy cake," "I have cake," "where daddy hat?" and on and on:)

So, we got home and wrapped daddy's present and made him a card.  I sure should have taken some pictures.  I flipped through magazines and told Riggs to point at anything he thinks daddy likes and we would cut it out and put it on his card.  He picked a picture of pizza and goldfish:)  His excitement was SO cute! 
We took naps and then woke up and made daddy a cake.

After dinner that night I called Riggs into his room (where I hid the cake, gift and card) and asked him if he was ready to sing to daddy...his face lit up!  So I lit the candles and here we came down the hallway singing "Happy to you, happy to you daddy" (R's own rendition of Happy Birthday). 
Before Andrew could even open his gift Riggs said, "where you hat daddy?" 

So, Riggs likes to celebrate and sing "Happy to you!" 

We are so thankful for another year with the best husband, daddy and friend!  We LOVE YOU!

(sadly all the pics I took:( )

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