Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This past Friday some of our best friends from our time in Kennesaw came and spent three days with us!  I keep telling Andrew that I forgot what it feels like to have friends.  I know I sound like Debbie Downer:) but they are the kind of people that push us to think deeper, to know Christ, to give, to love people, we laugh and act like teenagers and we just LOVE them!  

I have missed having friends, period, but there is something really special about them!  So, we are super thankful that they decided to come and visit us on their time off this summer and on the way to Kansas to a cow show that they go to every year.  Riggs loved them and warmed up to them again really quickly.  

I can only hope and pray that soon we will be closer and have alot more time with them!

 Trying to stay awake way past bedtime on Friday night to see Uncle Matt and Aunt Lydia

Fun at the Farmer's Market

"I tickle you on the bed"...one of Riggs favorite things:)

Getting frozen yogurt

We went to Bay Beach AGAIN!:)

Riding with Mama and Daddy and putting our hands up like Aunt Rach taught Riggs.

Waiting to ride the Choo Choo

My sweet angel baby

Matt and Andrew being big kids and racing on the slide.

Matt and Lydia with Riggs on Lake Michigan

So beyond thankful for these friends!

Riggs loved them!

Hoping we live closer and get to do more of our lives together!


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