Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo Shoot

When Harpin was about a week old I decided last minute that I would really regret not having any newborn pictures done of her.  I frantically got online and searched for someone that I could afford and set a time to have some pics done.  I coordinated outfits with a plan to get some of she and Riggs together and some of the four of us!  DID NOT HAPPEN!  Apparently neither of my kids really like to have their pics made.  It took us almost an hour to get her to sleep in order to get that snuggled up newborn look and that took up most of the hour and a half session that I paid for. With that said, we got some of her but none of she and Riggs or us as a family:(

I got a nice camera for Christmas 2 years ago and have yet to learn how to take it out of auto, but I took it outside while my mom was here and tried to get some pics of my babies.  They definitely are not professional, nor edited considering I know how to do none of that, but they are memories captured nonetheless.

I love his little fingers.

"No take my picture Mama!"

Sometimes I can't believe he's mine!

I love his little hands holding her.

This girls hairline...if it stays this way we may have some serious teenager problems:)

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