Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I am so thankful for the men in my life!  God has abundantly blessed me with a great Daddy, Father-in-law and super daddy to my babies:)

I am beyond thankful to have my Father in my life and more importantly, I'm thankful to call him Daddy!  What a blessing to have an earthly father who is an example to me of our heavenly father.  
I remember as a kid making my dad father's day cards and drawing pictures of things that he did for us...him working, cutting the grass, making us breakfast on Sunday morning, etc.  and at that time I never realized the importance of all of those things, but more importantly the example that he set for us.  My dad is has been a great example of sacrifice and giving to me.  He never complains and I am the worst to complain about things!  I'm thankful for him more than I can say and beyond thankful that Harpin and Riggs get to know him and be loved by him!

Andrew has had a great example throughout his life and a great heritage of men of faith to follow after and for that I am grateful!  I thank God that I have a father-in-law that has accepted me as his own and often tells me that he is thankful I'm his daughter:).  He has been a phenomenal example to Andrew of a father and of loving other people.  

Lastly, what a great DADDY-O (as Riggs calls him) Andrew is!  I love how Riggs loves him and comes running daily when he gets home.  I love how he daily gives up himself and his desires as he comes in the door from work ready and willing to play.  Some of Riggs favorites, just for my memory, include: Bull, hide and seek..."I hide, you count", soccer...."he shoots, he scores", playing outside, walking the neighborhood, and the list goes on.  What great memories Riggs and Harpin will have of such a fun and loving daddy. And, I love how he loves me all at the same time by serving and helping at home!

On Saturday we went exploring and walked a 6 mile trail that we found by the Rat River here and then spent the whole day out shopping, and went out to dinner.  Riggs is in Appling with our parents (another post on that later) and so we enjoyed the whole day out and about.   Then on Sunday we played hookie from church and went to Greenbay and walked along the Fox River and took a picnic lunch!  We really, REALLY miss our baby boy but have enjoyed spending the days together without worrying about coming home for naptime:)

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