Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Zoo Day

One of the days that my mom was here and the sun actually decided to make an appearance we took Riggs and Harpin to the Greenville Zoo.  It's quite an interesting place.  It's only about 5 miles from our house and nestled in the middle of the small town of Greenville, right beside a little league baseball field and icecream shop!  It was started by a couple after the husband had open heart surgery and was advised by his surgeon to do something he loves.  Who wouldn't decide to open a zoo??!!  

They started out with small animals and now they have lions, tigers and bears..(OH MY!) and alot of other interesting animals!

I didn't get too many pics, but here are a few.

He was THIS excited about the play ground across the road:)

My view

Checking out the bears with GiGi

And just for fun, here are some of him at this same zoo last summer.

Where did my little boy go?
Hmm...I wonder if this is the same zebra as above?!
Growling at the bears last year

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