Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blessed Days

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner ( for SUYL Fridays (a few days late obviously!)  I decided I wanted to document our typical days so that when we add our 2nd in a little over 2 months I can look back and remember these laid back times.

Because my work schedule varies each week our schedule changes alot.  I'm thankful to only work 3 days a week.  Although I work 12 hour shifts I can't imagine not having the other days off to be at home with Riggs.  It's a great glimpse into being a SAHM even though I techincally work full time.

The days that I work (or if I work nights) Andrew takes Riggs and picks him up at an in home daycare which he seems to LOVE!  So, I will document what our other 4 days during the week look like.

6am- Riggs calls "mama" and I try to lay in bed for 5 more minutes hoping he will miraculously decided to   sleep until the sun comes up...not going to happen!

6:05am- Open the door to my sweet smiley boy who immediately says "show" or "milk" and then     "goodmornit daddy" (he cant seem to get the 'N' sound at the end of words...precious!)

6:05-6:30ish-snuggle with milk and cartoons while I check email, fb, ect.  R hears daddy pour his cereal and he "shares" with Andrew and eats half of his breakast.  After this Riggs says "eat" and climbs into his chair for his own breakfast.  We try to change it up and have something different every day.  I usually eat with him while Andrew is finishing up getting ready for work.

7am- see daddy off to work, kisses and hugs all around, fix a cup of coffee for myself if Andrew already made it and sit down to try and have a quiet time while Riggs plays or watches the rest of a show.

7:30am- I usually try to make myself look decent and throw on some gym clothes, then get Riggs dressed. Depending on the day we head out to the gym by 8 or we do chores around the house (laundry, dishwasher, ect.) and then make our way to the gym.

8:15-9:45am- This depends on the day and if I go to a class or not but we head to the gym and Riggs loves to "play" and walks right in everytime eager to play while mama gets her workout on!

10am-  leave the gym...SNACK is NECESSARY! This kid could have just eaten a full course meal but the minute he's buckled in the car he NEEDS a snack! 

10-11:30am- Usually we run errands, one day is always the grocery store and the other days just vary. Lately, since it's been so cold and snowy and we all have cabin fever something serious we have gone to the mall and played in the play place.

11:30-12pm- home, lunch for Riggs and prepare for nap time.

12-3:30ish- Riggs naps. I usually sit down and eat lunch and watch something on TV, hopefully get some things done around the house and lately nap myself!

3:30-5:30pm- play, prep dinner and anxiously wait on daddy to get home.

5:30-6pm catch up with daddy, play, and sit down for dinner.  Sometimes Riggs is hungry sooner than I can get our dinner ready but I've made an effort lately to have dinner ready earlier so we can all sit down at the table together.

6:30-7pm- bathtime.  Andrew and I don't have a particular night but we take turns cleaning up dinner and bathing Riggs.

7-7:30pm- Milky for R, snuggle time and a show or reading books and then bedtime.

Some days feel long and lonely lately since we don't really have any friends to meet up with and have lunch or playdates, ect.  But, I was reminded recently by this video to be thankful for the ordinary days!  I want to do my best to treasure these days that sometimes seem simple and mundane!

Just a little playdoh yesterday...I need to take more pics here lately!

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