Sunday, March 31, 2013


Before I get into pictures and what we did this weekend I will just say that I am so thankful that HE IS RISEN! He conquered death and sin that I might know Him and have eternal life! Hallelujah!

We went to an egg drop at church on Saturday morning and although it was really quick, Riggs seemed to have a great time!  Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and kept nursery at 8 am and then went to 9:30 church.  We came home and the Easter bunny had been to visit!  We played and had nap time and then spent the afternoon dying our Easter eggs and making our Easter dinner to have as a family.  It was definitely  a little different celebrating Easter on a 35 degree, windy day but thankfully that is not what it's all about!
Here are some pics to sum up on day...

Waiting in line to go inside with sweet boy!

I love when he holds my finger

Waiting and clapping to the music:)

Trying to get a picture with Daddy but a little side tracked by his candy.

He obviously was not too happy with me holding him:(

But, the minute I put him down he ran up really close to the camera saying  "CHEEEESEEE!"

And was a little ham the rest of the time.

And, one with daddy.  We didn't have anyone to take a picture of all of us:(

The Easter bunny came too!

I can't get over how big he looks!

Better late than never in coloring and dying our eggs!

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