Thursday, March 21, 2013


I already did a post on Riggs' 2nd Birthday but I wanted to follow it with his stats from his doctors appointments and a few of the things that we are loving about this stage with him!

  • 29 lbs (72%)
  • 34 inches tall (61%)  The doctor said that looking at the growth chart your weight/height is showing that you haven't grown as tall as you were and that this pattern usually means you would go through a growth spurt soon...not even the next day after that you have started eating like a little piggie!:)
  • You wear 2T shirts and 24 month pants with the elastic pulled as tight as it will go in your pants.. your little waste is so tiny!
  • We just moved up to size 6 diapers.
  • You sleep from about 7:30/8pm to 6/6:30am
  • You nap from about 12:30-3/3:30  Your naps have been a little shorter now that you are in your big boy bed and can get down.
  • You love to sit on the counter and "help" with dinner.
  • I love to watch you when daddy walks in the door as you run to him and say "Daddy-o!"
  • You love Elmo, Mickey, Lion (some random lion cartoon movie).
  • Some of the things we love to hear you say..."I want to pay(play) with mama", Lobie (lovie blanket), cubber up (cover love to have your blanket on you to sleep), "what happened?", "Why do dat daddy?", "I wuv you", "daddy/mama lay down" or "daddy/mama sit right here" as you pat the bed or couch for us to be with you.
  • You have showed alot more interest in coloring and play-doh lately
  • When its time to go to bed at night, you walk to your new room and say "big boy bed, don't get down"  and go to bed so easily.
  • You have started to request songs at night and these are the ones that we love to hear you sing with us...Do Lord, Jesus loves me, itsy bitsy spider, holy, this little light of mine, and twinkle twinkle are your faves.
  • You play really well with other kids and are pretty laid back and submissive when it comes to other kids taking things and are adamant about "share" as you tell them so nicely to do!
  • You pull up my shirt and say Harpin's name and kiss and hug my belly and then say bye bye and cover it back up:)  I love it!
You bring us so much joy!  We can't wait to see you love your little sister and become a great big brother!

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