Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Peak

I found a twin bed for Riggs at a thrift store for $5.00!!! Wahoo!  The only problem was that I got it home and realized that it's an antique and is a 3/4 size bed (b/w a twin and a full).  So, Andrew is trying to work his handyman magic (he he!  You will be laughing at that statement too if you know my husband:)  and see if we can size it down to a twin. 

So, here is a peak at the bedding that I ordered.  I am going to incorporate some firetruck stuff in his room as my Papa was a firefighter and my parents have his firehat and pins that I am going to use to decorate with.  So, just picture a cute white antique bed, red dresser and some firetruck accents!  I think it will be a whole lot cuter when we don't live in a rental with stark white walls and dark brown door casings...but hey, you work with what you got!

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