Wednesday, February 13, 2013

He knows...

Over the past month or so I have received almost 10 letters in the mail...SNAIL MAIL!  I know that I have verbalized a little through my blog that this time here has been difficult, but I don't think I made it sound like I was in a deep depression or something.

 All that to say, I know God knows what we need and I believe He has spoken to and used these people to be such an encouragement to me during this time.  It's such a blessing to see a letter in the mail and wonder who it's from only to open it and see words and scripture of encouragement from friends!  Some I have talked to recently, others I just keep up with through facebook.

So, if you are one of these people THANK YOU!  Thank you for being obedient to that little nudge of the Holy Spirit that someone could use your uplifting word:)  It is a great reminder to me to be more sensitive to those moments in my life!

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