Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Riggs and I made Valentine cards to send to Gigi and Papa, Sue Sue and Granstan, Uncle Tanner and Aunt Rach and all his cousins:)  He enjoyed "painting" and I had fun putting the cards together.  They all looked a little different, this was just the last one that was left to take a picture of. 

Not much happening here for V-day...#1 because I'm working night shift tonight and tomorrow night (the 14th) and #2 we don't have a baby sitter.

To add on to that topic...I LOVE my baby, but this Mama is in SERIOUS need of just a simple date night!  I'm getting desparate.  I'm asking everyone that I even halfway know with kids who they use to babysit!  I'm hesitant to leave him with just anyone, obviously, but I am definetly seeing the importance of getting out with your spouse.  I MISS my husband!  We see each other alot but there is something to be said for not wearing workout clothes and no makeup when your with him:)  So, my goal for the next week or two is to find someone to come over and keep R for a few hours so we can GET OUT!

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