Monday, February 4, 2013

Almost TWO!

A month from today my baby will be TWO years old! I can't believe it.  I got to thinking about him today and just wanted to post a few things that he has started doing/saying in the past few weeks that I think are so CUTE:)
  •  He says "watch this" and does something silly..but the "this" has a really long 'I' that makes me laugh everytime.
  • "I do it" has become way more frequent.
  • He loves for us to build towers and then he comes and says, "knock it over."
  • Elmo is still his all time fave!  We are adding "Muckey" (mickey) to the list recently.
  • He cannot leave a room without the door being shut behind him...drives me crazy!
  • "Snaaack" is said way TOO would think I'm starving the child.
  • He loves to love on sissy and to do so, unfortunetly, he thinks me shirt need to be pulled up for him to see my belly.  He hugs and kisses sissy and then says "bye bye sissy."
  • Likes to be rocked held while he plays in the rocking chair at night.  He will pick ones of us to "rock you." 
  • "I get it"
  • He definetly has his own little language that he still speaks and I'm sure he thinks we know exactly what he's saying:)
I'm sure there are other things that I will think of to add more details before his second birthday but these are just a few that I don't want to forget right now. I love him to pieces!

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Sherice said...

I can't believe our lil' buddy is almost 2. He's growing up to fast!