Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last week

We have been cooped up around here for sure! The weather has been a little too cold (0 with wind chill of -20) to do much of anything other than run in the gym and grocery store and head home! Last week we did brave it to get Riggs a haircut, he was growing a mullet! He wasn't a big fan, but he did enjoy his sucker afterwards.

I bought Riggs a little stool at hobby lobby that I am going to paint and put his name on it. I was hoping he would want to stand on it and help or watch me cook. Instead, I was making a dessert and he wanted to sit on the counter and eat the graham crackers instead:)

He loves his hat and apparently only knows how to put it on backwards and crooked!  Because it's always on that way, covering one of his eyses and he is as happy as can be:)

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