Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's a New Year

This is a little late...go figure!  But, I wanted to post my thoughts on this new year and what we did/accomplished in 2012.  Andrew brought this up on New Year's day and it's crazy for me to think that so much happened in a year.
In 2012..
  • My baby turned a YEAR old.
  • Andrew was placed for an internship in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
  • We rented our house.
  • I found a job in WI.
  • We said goodbye to our friends and family.
  • We found a place to live in WI.
  • We moved across the country.
  • We found out we were pregnant with our 2nd baby.
  • We turned 29 and 30 years old!
  • I flew home not even a week after moving for my dad to have open heart surgery.
I am sure there is so much more but these are the highlights!  May seem like a short list but they are all HUGE answers to prayer all steming from the second one.  Which leads to what we hope to see the Lord do in 2013.

Lord willing, in 2013...

  • Andrew will complete a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.
  • Andrew will have a job with the federal prison.
  • We will move yet again, hopefully closer to home.
  • We will have a 2 year old and a newborn baby girl!
  • I will find yet another job..hopefully part time or prn this time:)
  • We will rent a house and look to buy.
God has been so VERY FAITHFUL to us and we are trusting in His faithfulness for this next year!
Along with the new year I have some goals for myself!  I usually do not make New Year's resolutions, but I was having my quiet time a few mornings ago and was prompted to make some goals.  As I prayed I realized how truly LAZY I am and this brought on my GOALS for this year.  They all stem from one word...INTENTIONAL!  I want to be more intentional in a few specific areas of my life. I have found myself in this place of laziness.  I can blame it on many things...lonliness (I feed off of relationships), pregnancy, having an almost 2 year old, etc. All that to say, there is no excuse, and God requires my first and my best.  So these are the areas I am praying to be more intentional.
  • My time with the Lord--I am trying to wake up earlier than Riggs to have a quiet time and I am going to try to start doing scripture memory with Beth Moore's blog where you memorize 2 scriptures a month and are accountable by posting on her blog.
  • My relationship/communication with my husband-- It's easy to get busy and miss time in prayer and real communication with one another.
  • Time with Riggs--I have plenty of "time" with him but I can't say that I am very intentional and the older he gets the more important this is!  I want to not just play, but teach him!
I guess I will end here as this turned out to be a little longer than I intended!  So, Happy New Year!  What are your goals for this year?


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