Monday, June 25, 2012

Things to Remember

Our friends had a pig roast as a going away party for us last night and I will post pics from that soon. But I wanted to document of few things that Riggs is doing these days, at almost 16 months, so that I don't forget!
  • His vocabulary is blossoming all of a sudden.  Some new words include: Uh Oh, Baby, down
  • His eating is still HORRIBLE, so any advice is welcome.  He will eat any bread or fruit but meats and veggies are difficult.
  • He LOVES the water, the pool or hosepipe just gets him so excited.
  • He loves reading and will bring us the same book over and over again and try to back up and sit in our lap to read it to him:)
I love every stage and feel so blessed to be his mama!

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