Monday, June 25, 2012

First trip to WI

A and I left Thursday morning and flew into Milwaulkee, WI and then drove 2 hrs to Appleton where we will be living.  We spent Thursday looking at different houses.  Friday morning we woke up bright and early with the sun shining in the window at FIVE AM!  I had my interview at 11am.  I interviewed with 7 people from the two different hospitals and thanks to prayers I was not the least bit nervous.  I feel like it went really well and look forward to hearing from them.  We spent the rest of the day looking for a home. I did not take the first picture and I wish I would have but we were really busy going from place to place.  We left not having anything definite, but we turned in applications to three different houses and have to wait on credit checks and the such to go through!
Friday night we ate dinner at a restraunt on the Fox River with one of the current interns that went to Argosy with Andrew.  Saturday with just looked around, went to the outlet mall in OshKosh and then Andrew spent FOREVER:) in the huge Cabela's there. Overall, we had a fun time.  Although it is a little over whelming I know that God's faithfulness will carry us through!

Some differences in GA and WI...
  • NO sweet tea:( and mostly Pepsi products..maybe this will make me drink more water.
  • Detached garages in most of the houses.
  • most ALL of the houses have full basements.
  • Not nearly as many trees and no pine trees.
  • No "neighborhoods"  there are three main Roads running in Appleton and the houses are just on roads of the the main roads. 
  • The homes are smaller and more outdated.
  • People are much more friendly and helpful than people made me believe.
  • The weather in perfect this time of year...high 80 while we were there.
  • Lots of parks and trails.

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