Monday, June 11, 2012

Family (Redneck) Fun

Andrew went home this past weekend to spend some time with his dad before we move, which included pig hunting and fishing.  My mom and dad came to keep Riggs because I had to work the weekend.  I got off on Saturday night and my brother and his gf showed up and then next thing I know Andrew drove up (a day early) with a huge smoker behind his truck.  Our friend Jon had it for a cookout with his work and let Andrew borrow it.  So, what was all this for?  Andrew also brought home a wild PIG!  I was supposed to work Sunday as well but I got someone to come in for me at 12!  So, we had a little family cookout and the guys really enjoyed getting to prepare and cook the pig and it actually turned out really good:) The pictures will speak for my title choice!

The looks we got when people drove by were priceless!
Nothing better than prepping on trash bags on the tailgate of the truck:)

A little after lunch play time with "Uncle" Matt

Silly boy

My and my sweet baby

Not the best picture of us, but I realized we didn't really have any pictures of us together and I love this girl and am so THANKFUL for her and Matt in our lives!

Playing cars on Uncle Tanner
All smiles with Grana and Papa

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