Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Thing

I am trying to start a new "thing," as in a new habit!

P90X® Extreme Home Fitness

I am almost finished with the first week of P90x. I really don't like working out at home. I have always enjoyed going to the gym and doing different classes. I am pushed and motivated to not let others out do me:) But, now that I have a little one I have found that I don't take the time to go to the gym. As in, I have not worked out since I had Riggs...almost an ENTIRE YEAR! That has GOT TO change! So here I am doing squats, lunges and pull ups after 12 hours on my feet at work! I think I'm CRAZY!
But, I am motivated to keep on keepin' on!

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Mary Whittle said...

Girl I am right there with you!! I have gotten to the point I do both in the gym and at home. Good luck! :-)