Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Fun Day

We wanted to go to Helen Friday and Saturday just to get away and priceline a cheap hotel. Unfortunately, after looking at the weather we decided just to drive up and spend the day on Friday. We ate at the Smith house and then we were going to go to a place where you can see different types of bears and feed them! Sounds fun huh? Yeah, except for the fact that the bears are still in hibernation!:( So, we got to Helen and walked around, ate some fudge and headed back home! We still had fun though. The weather was beautiful and we have the most laid back, sweet little boy.

Mommy and Riggs at the Smith house for lunch.
Our lunch spread.
Riggs, the miner!
Daddy and Riggs
Mommy and Riggs
This is what you get when you ask random people to take a picture...half your body and a huge truck?! Oh well.
Looking at the river
Riggs like the water.
Sweet boy!

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