Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Waiting

We find out if Andrew matched for internship, and if so where, on Friday. With this I have many thoughts and emotions. I can't help but try to prepare myself for both scenarios...the worst (not matching at all and being another year behind) or prepare myself for the best??? Lord willing that he matches, we will be moving to either Missouri, Wisconsin or Indiana!
Andrew and I have been texting one another every day names of God going through the alphabet...starting the first day with A, B, C and on and on. As I think about God and who He is to me the first thing that comes to my mind is His FAITHFULNESS! Thankfully I have not experienced really hard times in my life, but through out all that I have seen and been through in I can see His constant faithfulness to me.
So, as I prepare for Friday I remind myself that He is the one who KNOWS, He is the FAITHFUL one, He is my CREATOR and he deeply cares about all the small and seemingly insignificant things that I so easily allow to overwhelm me. HE IS SO GOOD!
Be on the look out for where the Anderson Family will be headed on our next adventure!

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Mendy said...

Praying for yall!