Friday, February 28, 2014

Harpin is 9 months!

Well, I'm late what?!?! :)  I have a better excuse this time,  H just had her 9 month well check yesterday and I was waiting on her stats to do her blog post.

So, here goes...

  • You weigh 19 lbs and are 28 inches long..both are 50th percentile.
  • You are yet to crawl or pull up on your own on anything!  I call you a little snail (your daddy  has a less appropriate name for you [paraplegic] because you pull yourself all over the place with your arms and drag your legs along the way!)  If I stand you up at a toy you will stand on your own but have not pulled up on your own yet!  I'm trying not to be in a hurry!
  • You still adore your brother and belly laugh at him quite often.
  • You take two naps, although the morning one is usually interrupted because we are going somewhere or you get a short little one in the car.  If we are home though you sleep from about 8-10am and then lay down in the afternoon a little earlier than Riggs (about 12:30) and wake up anytime between 2:30 and 3:30.  (I'm SO GRATEFUL for good nappers!)
  • You still wake up in the middle of the night at times but I just feed you and you go right back to sleep.  You go to bed between 7 and 7:30 and wake up around 6am.
  • You are still nursing and I'm hoping that going back to work doesn't cause me to have to stop.
  • You are eating table food like a champ! Riggs didn't eat real food for FOREVER...seriously, he was eating baby food in order to get his veggies at 11/2 to 2 yrs old!  You eat whatever we eat and love it all!
  • You love to be outside and are content riding in the stroller while we chase your bro around the yard.
  • You love bathtime.
  • We love your baby blues and you are starting to get some curls in the back or your hair:)
Mama, Daddy and Riggs love you so much Sissy Bell!

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