Monday, March 24, 2014

Harpin is 10 months!

Surprise, Surprise that I'm a few days late with this post!  I feel like things are getting redundant here, but I still want to post her 10 month pics I took and have a few things to look back on.

So, baby girl, here are a few things you have been up to lately...

  • You are the sweetest and most mild mannered little girl! We love how laid back you are and go with the flow.
  • You are in 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
  • You are still nursing but you started getting formula this month too!  Mama is not the best at pumping and you are nursing in the morning and at night and my milk supply is still cooperating for me to nurse you during the day on the days I don't work.  
  • You are a great eater!  You will pretty much eat anything that we are eating.  I still send baby food with you to daycare because it's easiest for them.  But, when you are at home you eat what we eat. So far I haven't given you anything that you won't eat!  The funny thing is, you don't make any facial expressions to show us that you really like something or that you don't like it:)
  • Last week I walked into your room and you had pulled up in your crib for the first time!  Daddy lowered your crib that night.  And, in the past day or two you have started pulling up and trying to cruise around things in the house.
  • You still don't crawl, but drag yourself with your arms...look around...turn over to sit up and then do it all over again:)
  • You had your first ear infection last week.  You went to bed with a fever and the next day would NOT nap!  That is really unusual for you, even when sick.  Thankfully, I took you to the doctor and you had an ear infection with a ruptured ear drum:(
  • You still are not saying anything on purpose. It's funny how different each child is!
  • You are doing great at daycare and I'm so thankful for that.

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