Friday, February 21, 2014

My Valentine's

Here are my little sweeties on Valentine's day.  We didn't do a whole lot because my mom and dad came into town to visit and get warm because they were without power due to the ice storm in Augusta.  But, Andrew brought home donuts for breakfast and bought Harpin a cute little pink onsie and got a balloon for Riggs! Riggs loved the balloon and is still playing with it a week later:)  I got a sweet card and two cupcakes from Small Cakes Bakery!  That was the perfect gift because, 1. I love those cupcakes and 2. I just told him a few weeks ago that I would rather have cupcakes than flowers that would die for any occasion:)  I guess you could say that food is the way to my heart! HA!


Lindsay said...

Hi there! I found your blog through one of the SUYL's on Kelly's Korner and I just had to stop by and say hello because I'm from Appleton, WI! It looks like you are too? How fun! Anyway, love the blog and I'm excited to start following! Have a great day!

Lindsay said...

Oh oops, I read further lol. Well still nice to connect with you! Hope you are staying warmer than we are in WI right now!