Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's about time!

If you are around my son for any amount of time you realize that he doesn't exactly have a very wide spread diet!  Eating has been one of our biggest battles with him.  Don't get me wrong, he eats.  We just can't get him to eat any veggies and he pretty much eats the same things all the time.  His diet could just consist of fruit and dairy and he would be happy, oh and snacks of course.  His diet mainly consists of these two food groups with veggie corn dogs, veggie burgers and chicken nuggets added in.  It used to be that if we tried to introduce something new he would just sit and scream and then go to bed hungry because he would not even touch it!  That got old QUICK!

Thankfully, over the past month or so he has improved ALOT.  We started out convincing him to just lick something:)  then gradually we told him to just put it in his mouth and he coulds spit it out if he didn't like it and that is usually what he did.  And then, lately, he has been cooperative when we tell him to just taste something and a few things he is actually like..imagine that?!

A few new things (and I know these are not neccessarily that big of a deal, but they are to us) he has tried lately include: grilled chicken, brocoli, pizza with mushrooms and tomoatoes, and spaghetti!

WAHOO...It's about time our 21/2 year old started eating what we eat!

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