Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 and a HALF!

Riggs turned TWO and a HALF last week!  Now that I'm doing monthly posts for Harpin I want to make sure that I do a special marker post for him as well.  We definetely have a big BOY on our hands these days, and not a baby anymore.  Here is what he has been up to lately...

  • He is using the big boy potty, but still wears pull up ("poowups") for naps and bedtime.
  • Picky, picky eater!...loves fruit, cheese, yogurt, chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, veggie corndogs, will eat some veggies if they are mixed in applesauce or fruit, and of course any kind of "snacky"!
  • He's an early riser and goes to bed at 8pm and is up by NO later than 6:30am every day.
  • When he wakes up he knows not to get out of bed and calls out, "Mama (or Mommy or Mommy-o or Daddy-o!) I ready, come get me"
  • His favorite thing to do is ride his bike (tricycle)
  • He has a new love for his blanket and lovie and drags it all over the house.  Thankfully, he knows that we don't take them anywhere with us and we try to enforce that they are only for sleeping.
  • He loves his sissy Harpin.
  • He can whine with the best of them and I am constantly trying to remind him that he has to ask for what he wants and not just whine!  So, he says "Please...have..._____?" with inunciates each word.
  • He has started to say "I want sumpin (something)" or "I show you sumpin"
  • He has always called Andrew Daddy-o (have no idea where that came from), but he now calls me mommy-o and says sissy-o and Riley-o! Silly boy.
  • Wears size 2T pants and 3T shirts, size 7 shoes.
  • We don't have cable and so we watch netflix and his favorite shows are Lion (a random movie called Animals United), Elmo, Copter (Helicopter), any movie or show with animals or puppies.
  •  One of my favorite things to hear him say is, "I love you eber, eber, EBER!" (ever, ever, ever) as he gets louder and louder:)
Children are such a treasure and I'm so thankful that God chose to give me these two!

I love how much he loves her!

Just a little night out with our boy

I love this picture because I love this face that he makes with his square lip poking out!  He says, "bird poopie on it!" (don't mind his toupee looking hair:)

Goodness, I love him!

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Mandy said...

That boy has so much sweet personality! He and Chan have a lot in common!