Friday, July 27, 2012

We Made It

After 14+hours of driving for Andrew and mom and delayed flight twice for Riggs and I, we are all in Wisconsin. Sadly, the moving truck is not scheduled to get here until Wednesday! But, so far things have gone really smoothly. I usually look forward to redecorating and organizing but something is a little different this time. The town home we are renting is good enough for us for the year but it is not "nice" by any means. We could have had the bigger, updated with large rooms, tile floors etc and payed $400 more a month but we chose to choose the simpler route. The simpler route means not as big, no updates.. All carpet and linoleum floors. This gets me thinking though, where do I gather what I think I need to have? I know for me it is from comparison(the sin of comparison). Thankful for my husband who balances me out and reminded me that is far more worth it for us to have the minimum and save a large amount each month for this ONE year! So here we are, Appleton wisconsin. No matter how it looks, it will be or home because it is where my sweet little family is and we will maKe it a home! We have already met several nice people, been to the largest grocery store I have ever seen,eaten cheese curds, gone to a beautiful park and playground on the river and realized that this will be a fine home for this appointed time in our lives. I will post pics later. Now, off to bed on my comfy air mattress:) (please excuse the long run on post,I'm blogging again from my phone and it's too time consuming to check punctuation etc.)


Travelin Fam said...
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Travelin Fam said...

Wow! You guys have been up to a lot. I will be praying for you as you adjust to a new home, town and culture. You should of seen the place we lived in for the first 16 months in our new country...let me just was not nice at all BUT He is faithful and is worthy of those little sacrifices like the lack of wall to wall wood floors. The Father will reward your obedience!