Wednesday, July 11, 2012


As the end of July approaches I am filled with all different emotions.  I am excited, anxious, scared, thankful, expectant, hopeful, nervous and the list goes on.  I think the two most prominent right now would be sad and thankful but I know once we get there the excitement for this new journey will kick in.

I am so thankful right now for the Lord's provision and faithfulness to us!  He has provided above and beyond for us.  We have place to live that will be great for our first year and hopefully only year in Wisconsin;), He has provided me with a job that will not only provide me with more opportunities to learn and grow as a Critical Care Nurse but I will also be making more $ and excited that this will allow us to pay off my school loans this year and also save.  And, I found out today that we finally have renters for our house.  It's so good to see and remember God's faithfulness even when we are unfaithful.  And also to see the fact that He is faithful to give us FAR BEYOND what we even need!

In the midst of my thankfulness I find myself really sad at times.  Last week we gave Sadie to a girl that I used to work with because we can't have animals in the house we will be renting.  She will have a great home with 2 little girls that already adore her but it was much harder than I anticipated.  I also go to do things and realize that it will be my last time to do and see alot of people here.  I can only hope and pray that I have left an example of Christ in the places that I have gone and that when my name comes up they will remember positive things about my character and who I am.  I know there are MANY people here that I will definetly keep up with but it's sad to think about the reality that it will be a long time before I get to see them again!

So, these next two weeks are going to FLY by and I hope to embrace this change and use it as an opportunity to learn, trust, and grow in my relationship with my husband, family and with my God.

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lindsey said...

I smiled when I read "I know once we get there the excitement of this new journey will begin." :) There's truth to that- it will be a special memory in the Anderson memory bank- something that the 3 of you will share and treasure forever. Also, yay for paying off your loans and saving. I'm so proud of you both!!! Love you, T.