Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Party Time Part 2

Birthday Party part 2, I am so glad that I finally have you posted because for some reason this blame computer has been really really slow lately!  So, 2 months later and Riggs Birthday post is complete.

I went he cheap route and Publix did the smash cake and cupcakes. They turned out cute (even with the ginormous polka dots on the cupcakes:) and they tasted good too!

I first wanted to do giraffes b/c of Riggs love for his Sophie the giraffe a while back. My mom bought this giraffe for him a long time ago when we were out shopping and he loves it!
Riggs loves his Uncle Tanner and Aunt Rachael!  and...thank you both for your help in getting set up for the party!

Riggs and his friend Grant! 
I love this picture...looking up at Sue Sue.

Sue Sue, Riggs and Grana

Riggs, Mama, Courtney and Grant..we are so thankful for these friends!

Sweet little Lottie Kate..she is so easy going and sweet!

Opening presents...his book from Lindsey and AJ and one of his favorites to read! He loves looking at the pictures and making the animal sounds:)

His 1st truck.
Little Dylan enjoying his cupcake!  We love his mommy and daddy too!

Riggs 1st gun from Uncle Tanner!  What a memory.

Riggs had a little help from Nate and Lottie Kate opening his gifts!
Love him:)

Cake Time...see the 1st party post for more cake pics..he LOVED it!
Love this moment with my dad and Riggs.

Our families!  We are so thankful and beyond blessed by our parents!
My little family and a sleepy birthday boy!

(Thank you Katharine Hurlburt at Capturing Hope Photograpy for your gift of capturing Riggs 1st Birthday!)

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Williams' Family said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and saw you would soon be moving to WI. My husband and I and our 4 boys and daughter live near Madison. If you have any questions about the area you can email me at nwilliams5@charter.net