Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bad Blogger

I really wish that I could be more timely in posting things on a more routine basis...well, like when they happen instead of a week or two later!  So, this was a little play date last week with some friends and their littles.  I forgot my camera so I stole these from my friends.  Wyatt and Allie are  3 months older than Riggs, Max is 4 months old and Piper ( I don't have a pic of her) is about a month old and oh so sweet!:)
Just love to see these little ones playing

Sweet, smiley boy of mine

Trying to drink the water:)

Just love all that is going on in this pic...and little Max hold onto his mama for dear life!

     Well, there has been alot going on here with planning for our move!  We are going to WI June 21-23rd to look for a place to live and hopefully for me to interview for jobs.  I had a phone interview on Tuesday that I feel went well.  She should let me know by the beginning of next week about interviewing with a few managers when we go up in June.

Andrew is DONE with school FOREVER after 23 years of being in school!  Thankful that he is now able to stay home with Riggs on days that I work to save us a little extra $. 

Riggs is growing and changing everyday.  He is understanding alot and will do things when we ask him although he still isn't talking much.  He is walking more and more consistently.  He is still such a terible eater.  If any of you mama's out there have any advice, PLEASE let me know!  He will not eat hardly any solid foods except fruit, cheerios, and breads. The only way to get him to eat vegatables is to feed him baby food.  Anyways, we love him so much and love watching him learn.

Hopefully I will do a little better updating in a more timely fashion for all 2 of you that read this blog:) 

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Melissa said...

I struggled with the eating... and my doctor told me, to cut out the baby food, and not give in to what the child wanted, but instead leave what is available on the tray, and if they're really hungry, they'll eat it, and then they'll want to eat it all eventually. It worked for me!