Thursday, January 5, 2012

Riggs is 10 Months!

Riggs, here we go again buddy! Time is flying by TOO QUICKLY! Just the other day someone mentioned that Christmas would be one of you last FIRSTS:( Makes me kinda sad to think about, but so thankful that we have gotten to experience all these things with you.
What you are up ...
  • You have three new teeth in a month! Your bottom left tooth (the one to the side of the middle two..don't know what it's called), and now your second top tooth just cut through!
  • You are cruising around the tables and will push your stand up toys around the house.
  • You are in 9-12 month clothes. 9 months fit your size but they are all too short in the are a tall boy.
  • We finally moved you up to size 3 diapers, but they are a little big!
  • You are wanting more table food and will watch us eat and hoot and holler for some of it!
  • You love cheerios, goldfish and puffs more than anything healthy for you.
  • We just cut out your bottle after your afternoon nap so you will take your whole bottle at night before bed and the last two nights you have slept until 7 am!
  • You love bath time and want to crawl all over the tub.
  • You scream bloody murder now when we drop you off at daycare or the church nursery:( I hate it!

We can't believe you are so close to be a year old and that I am already planning a first birthday party!

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