Monday, January 30, 2012

Divine Appointment, Coincidence...

Call it what you will, but I think God used my last day at work to really challenge me. I pulled out of my neighborhood Thursday morning to go to work and had to go back roads because my normal route was blocked by ambulance and tons of police cars. I quickly said a prayer that God would protect whoever was in the accident and their family(I'll get back to this in a second).
I got to work and had a busy day with two patients and always expect to come back the next day to have the same always seems to be a little easier the second day. Well, Thursday afternoon the charge nurse asked if I wanted to take care of a different patient the next day. I questioned it at first and then said sure, because a busier day always goes by faster(this is the part that was no coincidence).
I came in Friday to my new assignment to find out that this patient was the reason that I could not get to work on Thursday morning. Come to find out he has a normal routine of running very early every morning and was hit by a car. I can't say much more due to privacy issues but I think this was the most difficult day I have ever had at work. I watched and prayed as his wife cried out loud to God in the hospital room to give her strength, as they sang "I will praise you in the storm"(casting crowns) while we were doing certain tests, as his 2 young children came to see him, while many many people came to visit and recall how he had encouraged them and touched their lives. I talked with his wife and tried to speak words of encouragement to her. I see sad situations more than I would like in the area I work and a lot of them do not know Jesus, therefore do not know HOPE! I told her that she had been prayed for on Thursday morning on my way to work without me even knowing that I would be the one to take care of her husband and family that day. This was NO coincidence!
All this to say, I have been challenged! We are NOT promised tomorrow. What legacy am I leaving on this earth? When I am gone will people speak of my joy and love for the Lord? I want to be remembered as a woman of character and an example for those around me...What am I doing to make this happen?!

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