Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frippin' It

We decided to drive to Appling Friday afternoon because Andrew got off of work early, so we arrived in Appling about 4 in the afternoon. We were planning on leaving this morning when Riggs woke up around 7. But, when he woke up at 3:45 we decided we would pack up and go ahead and leave! May sound crazy, but it was a good decision. We left about 4:45 and got to Fripp at 8 am and Riggs slept the WHOLE TIME!:) What a sweet little boy. We unpacked and waited on the rest of the family and all the cousins to arrive! So here we sit now while all the kids nap and then we will go to the pool or the beach! I am going to try to up date when I can with pics from each day to keep account of Riggs' first family beach vacation. Georgia and Rod LOVE "baby Riggs." I think that name may stick for him, maybe longer than he would like! Rod is sweet to be only 3 and will stop whatever he is doing to come over to "baby Riggs" and touch his little head gently or kiss him. So sweet! I hope that all the cousins will grow up and be close. Looking forward to the rest of the week:) So long....

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