Monday, July 11, 2011

In the Potters House

We have been going to a new Sunday school class, not because we didn't LOVE our previous class, because we DO, but because it's time for a change for us and this class seems to be where the Lord wants us right now. The first week we visited we found out that they would be studying through the book of Jeremiah! I was immediately excited because alot of the time, on my own especially, I am intimidated by the old testament and honestly probably try to avoid it. All that to say, this past Sunday was no exception and was a great lesson and very applicable to my life right now.

In Jeremiah 18, Jeremiah is commanded by God to go to the potters house and he is told that there is where the Lord will give him a message. I could share all the points with you but I will try to minimize it and just post what spoke to me where I am right now! But first, let me write out what each thing stands for...
The Clay - that's us
The Potter - that's our Heavenly Father
The Wheel - Our circumstances
The Vessel - What is being made, shaped, or formed

Okay, Okay so I can't list just one point but I will try to make it short! I just want to be able to look back on this for encouragement and hope that maybe it will encourage someone else too!

  • The wheel is NEVER out of control of the potters hand.
  • To curse the wheel is to curse the potter.
  • ALL my circumstances are filtered through the sovereign hand of my potter.
  • The potter never abandons the clay. Jer. 18:4 "But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him."

Those are just a few points that were great for me to hear and be reminded of but this next one is where I am right now and how God is reminding me and teaching me!


What does that mean?

  • Any action/plan/circumstance is in His mind LONG before it is made, changed or an event or circumstance even happens. Just as the potter knows what kind of pot, or vessel he is going to throw.
  • His actions as potter are ALWAYS consistent with His nature!
  • He doesn't play games at the wheel, He is CONSISTENT, regardeless of my actions.

Why is this important to me right now? If you look back a few posts about what is coming in this next year for us you will see that I already have some worries and slight anxiety about where we will be and what God has in store for our family! This is such a simple truth that I know I have always been taught, but it is a totally different ball game when it comes time to trust what you say you believe and live that out on a daily basis. HE IS FAITHFUL! Long before now he knew that Andrew and I would marry, live in Statesboro and now Kennesaw, that we would have a baby boy and that Andrew would STILL be in school:) and so many other small, minute details! It is His plan and as the potter, he knows what kind of beautiful vessel he is trying to make out of us on this wheel called life and in the circumstances that are leading up to this next year! There are so many promises that he gives us to hope in and this is a GREAT truth for me to cling to and trust in on a daily basis as I long to be clay in the potters hand!


Lauren said...

Good reminder. Thanks for sharing. But what is going on with you guys this coming year? I must have missed it in your posts somewhere.

Anonymous said... remembered a lot of that lesson. :) Josh will be so proud! It continues to speak to me as well.
I am encouraged by your post! Love you guys...