Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Lately

Mom and dad came to visit this weekend and we spent all day Saturday out and about running errands and shopping at the mall. Mom took me to get a pedicure then we all went out to eat on Saturday night. They went to church with me and then took Riggs to cheesecake factory for lunch while I napped to get ready for work and Andrew finished up his huge paper that was due...praise the Lord that it is done and over!
I went back to work Sunday night. I am going to be working every Sunday night and then two days during the week. Doing this in hopes to increase my time home with little man and decrease on child care costs! The night went better than I had imagined. I didn't think I would cry, and I did't on Sunday, but I broke down at Saturday night. I didn't want to leave my baby and for some reason I was really anxious about returning to work after being off for 2 months! Thankfully the night went well and I am now a full time mommy, wife and nurse.
We took Riggs to the doctor today because of a concern we had with his left eye. His left eyelid is a little droopy and I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't effect his vision or cause him any problems. He is able to follow and see fine from what we can tell but the Dr. said it was about a 1mm difference and to make an appt with an opthamologist just to be safe. So we will see what they have to say in about two weeks.
Riggs rolled over from his belly to his back twice today (10 weeks old). Of couse when I went to get the video camera to try to capture it he was too tired to do it again!
And just for a little peak at sweet boy....

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