Monday, May 9, 2011

10 Weeks

Riggs will be 10 weeks old on Friday and it is also the week that I have to go back to work! I don't know if I will ever be READY to leave him and go back, but I must. I am thankful that Andrew is done with classes and he and his mom will be trading off keeping baby boy for the first 4 weeks and then my mom will be coming up to keep him until the end of the summer! I will work my three 12 hr shifts in a row, or work Sunday night and then 2 days during the week while she keeps him and then in August he will go to the learning center which is affiliated with, and right across the street from the hosipital. I know that this will be a big change for all of us! I am anxious about leaving him and about scheduling, returning to work, finding time to pump at work, working a night shift, paying for daycare, and more but all I can do is trust God who has never failed us and has been so faithful to provide! Now off to run errands with my sweet boy:)

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Lauren said...

I remember the anxious feeling about going back to work all too well. But, you are exactly right...God will work it out better than you could work it out yourself so just breathe and watch God work!