Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crying it out

Baby boy is 9 weeks old and up until now he has not taken a nap in his crib. I usually talk to him and play with him or let him play on his play mat for about an hour after I feed him, or until he gets fussy and then hold him and put him in the swing when he falls asleep. Well, that worked for a while...until now. Everytime he falls asleep and I put him down he wakes up in less than 5 minutes and starts crying. So today I am trying to let him "cry it out." He has been crying for over 10 minutes now with arms and lets flailing in his crib...don't know how much longer I can take it! I hope we don't have a terrible napper on our hands!

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Melissa said...

:) have you tried a wedge for his bed? It helps babies readjust to where they are most comfortable.

My Gavin hated sleeping, period, unless he was held. We asked our doctor about it, and were given the go ahead to let him sleep on his tummy. Since then we haven't had any problems.